@Cedric_Janyszek Tu as trouvé ces images ou tu les as faites? Elles sont ultra bien :)

@Cedric_Janyszek @phryk neth worth is not expendable cash. This logic is stupid. Without that net worth those individuals could not spend that much. Is basically having that much that proportionally increases their net worth.

You’re definitely no one to say if someone deserves something or not.

@nrxr I know what net worth is & that billionaires don't own all that money directly in a bank. That doesn't change the question: did they earn that fortune ethically?

The answer is NO. Having a billion dollars, even if 99% of it is tied up to assets, is a moral & ethical failing

To have such a big net worth you have to necessarily hoard it by exploiting the labour of others

It's also completely immoral that these billionaires and big companies have such a big net worth while people go hungry

@Cedric_Janyszek inmoral and unethical? What? Since when making money is unethical? If that’s so then anyone that’s not starving is immoral and unethical. That’s a complete absurd.

Even more when those net worths are attached to owning stocks, not exploiting anyone.

@nrxr I didn't say that making money is immoral. I'm saying that hoarding money is.

It is impossible to make billions by yourself. You have to exploit the labour of other people to do so. Worker's create the wealth. Exploiting people is what's immoral.

To keep such great amounts of fortune is also immoral. People are literally dying while billionaires could end extreme poverty 7 times over.

@nrxr Bezos gets most of his wealth through Amazon shares. He doesn't actually do shit, all he does is owning stuff. The ones creating the profit are the workers. If the workers create the wealth, they should get it.

@Cedric_Janyszek they do. AFAIK they get paid. If they are not ok with their pay then they should do it by themselves or find someone that pays them better.

They can’t?

@nrxr “The worker always has the right to leave his employer, but has he the means to do so? And if he does quit him, is it in order to lead a free existence, in which he will have no master but himself? No, he does it in order to sell himself to another employer.“

– Mikhail Bakunin

They also don't get paid the entire worth of what they produce, they only get the minimum the employer can get away with. If they were given the entire fruits of they're labour the capitalist wouldn't make a profit

@Cedric_Janyszek would they produce it if they were by themselves?

How’s that the worker is doing everything but they can’t do it by themselves?

There’s holes all around your logic.

Bakunin’s thought is illogical, people is free to do whatever they want, including starving to death if they so desire it.

You’re not forced to leave nor do anything. You can’t pretend people to maintain you, neither.

@nrxr google worker's self-management.

Being forced to work for one master or another or starve is not a free choice. People should be able to direct their own lives

@Cedric_Janyszek they are. Changing freely of employer or working for yourself or just giving up. Those are choices. Freedom does not mean always being right. That’s a childish conception of freedom.

Choices comes with its consequences and sometimes you won’t like it.

@Cedric_Janyszek poverty depends on time. If you were to give out the whole wealth you have that would mean diminishing the worth of that wealth. Let’s say that it would “end” poverty at least once. How would you keep it? People which just received wealth would spend it anyway in order to leave poverty. Then what? Two years later they would be in extreme poverty again?

@nrxr I'm not saying that billionaires giving up their money would solve poverty. I'm saying that we need a system in which making so much wealth is impossible, in which no billionaire do or can exist. Capitalism is the reel root of the problem.

@Cedric_Janyszek you said it was immoral because they could end poverty, now you say you just don’t want it. What’s your moral superiority to say who can and cannot exist?

@nrxr Look it's really not that complicated, wealth hoarding and exploitation are immoral, a system that allows such things to happen is my extension also immoral.

Anyway I'm not going to spend my entire afternoon debating with some random guy on the internet. Have a good day

@Cedric_Janyszek Jeff Bezos had a 1,650,000x better idea then me or you

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