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Hello mastofriends.

I don’t use this account much anymore. If you’d like, please follow my new account radical.town/@Cee as it’s very lonely there.


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I don’t know who needs to hear this but nice moustache.

God damn it how many more squats do I have to do before I can start up a premium Snapchat fuck

Like every true 20-something Englishman, I wash down my antidepressants with a piping hot cup of tea.

Made the mistake yesterday of sitting in the sun for longer than a minute and now I look like Harvey Dent

Won’t someone please validate my existence?!

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I think during my absence all the people I follow have moved to alts. The tl seems a lot slower than it used to.

We found a rather interesting bit of shadow on the kitchen wall

teeth brush, cursed, please don’t open 

You’ve been warned

Whenever I get sad, I try to remind myself that somewhere out there, a dog is wagging its tail.

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It’s way too hot, the thunder, lightning and rain are keeping me awake, and my cat is taking up 80% of my bed. Fucks sake.

The toots have dried up. The crops are dying.

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