You ever think about how you won't have a house and a family and shelter and food and water and

Fuck I'm scared of unknown alphabets like damn

Owning a Alexa is like talking to a slightly deaf butler.

Some days you just wanna lay down, not go to work and have some well deserved rest, but the looming thought of impending poverty motivates you and gives you strength to forget about it :tinking: :tinking: :tinking:

>forgetting you made a funny post and stumbling on it later on your account
i can be pretty funny sometimes

My 5 year old sister heard about Black Friday and started crying that she "doesn't want to ever get sent to America" because it sounds so barbaric lmfaooooo

I really want to move out but it seems like every single European country ia a mess and idk what to do

@CelediW Yooooooo you wouldn't have guessed who found you

!! My dummy self forgot about my old account so I'm making a new one

This time I'm going to actually contribute to e-society and since I'm almost out of uni I've got plenty of time to do that.

Hard to describe myself in a few lines, I tend to go beast mode on my hobbies and get all over the place - but what I do mainly is sound design. If you're desperate for very specific ASMR or need 20 different recordings of stepping on gravel at 3 AM, your girl has got you covered 🦎peace out


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