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I'm trying to replace some of the non-floss link recommendations on my #Neocities site with floss alternatives and I've discovered some damn good websites in the process. chriswere.neocities.org/links.

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if you have a personal web log, please reply with the url!

an attempt to collect everyone’s blogs - so as to not let precious non-commercial content go unread and unnoticed - is likely the only time i’ll ever ask:

please boost this toot.

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Nerdy Tuesday - Wendell of Level1 Techs - Feb 6th, 2018


For this inaugural #NerdyTuesday, I am joined by Wendell from Level1Techs. Made possible by PogoLinux, System76, LulzBot, & Nerds Like You.

We take your questions about all manner of nerdy topics -- Star Wars, Star Trek, RPGs, code editors, operating systems on the Death Star, how awful Javascript is, Transformers... we're all over the place!

Session is coming. So much more to learn. So many interesting things around me... Time to distro hop

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The new Top 500 list is out -- listing the top Super Computers in the world.

Which Operating Systems are being used by the world's Super Computers? Luckily they provided this handy pie chart to help us visualize it.


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The dawning of a new era: Samsung demos Ubuntu Linux running on a Galaxy smartphone!

The aim of Samsung’s ‘Linux on Galaxy’ project is to make it easy for app developers to run full desktop Linux on Galaxy smartphones wherever they are.



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Ask Noah | episode 34: "Owning Your Communications".

This time around in this premium Linux centered radio show / podcast:

With Logitech bricking one of their hardware products, do you really trust the cloud? Is there an alternative messaging platform that you can self host? What’s the cost? This week they dive into communications. Plus an interview with snapcraft.io & your calls.



#Linux #podcast #radio #show #cloud #Snapcraft #livecalls

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A very interesting piece in the Guardian. Long, but definitely worth a read.

"Facebook’s war on free will"


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W3C requested changes to my article on EME/DRM. I declined but, in the interest of openness, I present them to you.