The workings of websites are increasingly mysterious to me. I spotted this typographical curiosity in a BoingBoing article: An "ff" ligature substitution that was then somehow cut into halves for hyphenation.

So hey, I don't know how much I want to bring self-promotion into this space, but if you don't know, I've been making typefaces. This one just dropped on MyFonts (only a month after I finished it)!

Thinking of you @zebratron2084 and I made this. I don't know if it'll scale well for practical uses, but I figured you'd appreciate the idea on some number of levels.

I'm not sure what else I'm doing with my life, but at some point I decided to design a font that's up to 25% more doughnutty than the leading doughnut font (which is Frankfurter of course). The working filename has been "Glazed" but I'm trying to settle on a better name for it.


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