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"I live in a golden cage,
It shines bright and sparkles in the sun.
I can not fly. I can not die.

I live in a golden cage,
It has long rims and a golden swing.
But bound are my wings,
untouched by the northern winds.

I live in a golden cage,
Happy as any would be free.
Why shouldn't I be?" ~ maryam

(a little something I wrote a while back, pls be kind :blobpeek: )

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Let's make men complimenting each other normal.

If you're a man, go out and compliment a man in your life today. Be it your father, brother, uncle, bros or your partner.
Tell them they look good. If you notice any positive change in them and compliment it. Appreciate the work they do or just simply thank them for being the best father, brother, uncle, bro, partner.

Show your love and appreciation shamelessly.

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ok I am so bad at this but let's see..
I'm name is Maryam. I live in Saudi Arabia but I'm from Kerala.
I love true crime, cats and succulents. โ˜ ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜ธ๐ŸŒต
I consider myself Left-Socialist.
But I'm still new to the whole political scene so I try to keep an open mind.

Basically, I'm here to learn, discuss and engage in healthy political discourse along with a few memes here and there. :)

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Fascism is cured by reading and racism is cured by traveling - Miguel de Unamuno

There's a certain emptiness you feel when you haven't made or experienced art in a long time.

INC must take to the streets to get PC Chidambaram released. What is happening to him is an utter disgrace

Anybody know why my bonsai is shedding leaves? ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ
It's only been a few days since we got it.
Can someone tell me how much sunlight do they need? They guy at the store told us it should be kept inside but idk if he's right.

I opened this hellsite again just to say this.


As long as we still have the fig-leaf of a representational democracy.

What in democracy's name is going on in Maharashtra.

Should I make cup noodle?

Podcast lovers!

What's the best podcast app for Android?


Gained a lot weight recently. now I wanna lose it without working out ๐Ÿ˜ญ

Free education and healthcare should be fundamental rights. Period.

Have to get up early but it's already 4 now. ;-;

"There is really no such thing as laziness. What we call a lazy man is generally a square man in a round hole. That is, the right man in the wrong place. And you will always find that when a fellow is in the wrong place, he will be inefficient or shiftless. For so-called laziness and a good deal of inefficiency are merely unfitness, misplacement. If you are compelled to do the thing you are unfitted for by your inclinations or temperament, you will be inefficient at it; if you are forced to do work you are not interested in, you will be lazy at it."

The only thing really heartening about the ongoing JNU protests is that the teachers of JNU are out in the streets in support of the students fighting the good fight.

Teachers like Geeta Bhatt are a disgrace to the profession.
Teachers all over the country, if you are done with your lectures about how you build the nation, learn to walk the talk. You are hear solely for your students. Not for playing entourage to any corrupt administration or government.

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Hi Mastodon ๐Ÿ‘‹! Let's continue the journey here

Wow. My sister called "encyclopedia" of the family. I've officially earned the nerd status. ๐Ÿค“

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