Apparently, Google Play Music subscriptions don’t come with YouTube Premium subscriptions anymore.

from the Starship Changeling : Why You Shouldn’t Buy a SmartBeetle, and Why HIMS Inc. Needs to be Taken down a notch

Orbit20 has been ordered. This isn't how I wanted things to go, but I need a Braille display, and I refuse to give anymore of my money.

day 2 of the War with ... Which site shall I post my review on today? I've saved it, so I can copy and paste it whereever I want. You can find the first round on their Facebook page.

Just got my SmartBeetle back from HIMS_Inc and 1 of the braille cells went out. Turns out, it's an older model, so replacing the cells is $780This is on top of the near $400 I just paid to replace the bluetooth board.

had my SmartBeetle back for less than 2 weeks, and it's already malfunctioning again... Starting to wonder how the folks at HIMS can live with themselves...

Meep! Twitter? I do not have an unread DM. Please stop showing me that I do.

The ability to turn off people's RT's is awesome... I wish I could do this with people's Facebook shares.

Just randomly discovered that Skyler Ashley is a name combo that actually exists... I shall use this to create my own Harry Potter style series. Schoolchildren will be ale to write an essay on SA.

Take daily dose of melatonin. 10 minutes later, laugh uncontrollably. 20 minutes later, loudly observe that it's raining up. 10 minutes after, realize it was never raining... Repeat.

Remember when FB was the progressive scocial network??? Well, those days are over... Facebook's new rules ban users from stating their sexuality

Over the summer, as part of my goal to get into photography, I had people on other social networks send me pictures which I would then use AI to analyze and send back the responses. This was one of them. Possible identification is a donkey lying on the g…

Just remember... Changeling means alien... I am the alien in your house...

If you're using the app on with , find the compose button, then flick up or down with 1 finger to quickly access the photo and gif libraries, as well as drafts.

for those of you who might be into it, alt text for is working again...

Using Braille on iOS with something like WhatsaApp push command+enter by pressing dot 1 + dot 7 + space, release then e + space.

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