What is the current of Discord for screen reader users? It looks like something that would be fun to do.


Also, just took a look, and Skype is indeed signed up for as a consequence of signing up for my Microsoft account. The skype name is more complicated than a web capcha, but it exists, and I am on Skype.


I am moving to changeling@tenforward.social. Keeping this account around, though, until everything is migrated to my satisfaction.

Switching instances, requesting advice 

The overwhelming opinion is it's a good idea, and so I'm looking for new instance recommendations. I like dragons, scifi and fantasy, and all kinds of music. And... GO!!!

blocking, switching instances 

@maloki Found out that a lot of instances are starting to block mastodon.social. This seriously has me wanting to move.

This update intentionally left blank. Please proceed to the next status in your timeline.


Build a blanket fort. Seriously. Oh, and do not bring your phone into it.

Just survived my first ever party. Lost, but finished with a triple digit score and on the positive side.


Getting good enough at to feel good about playing online. I wouldn’t win, but I wouldn’t wonder what i was doing there, either.


Did you know there’s a guide to Mastodon for screen reader users? You can read the first five chapters now. Go to https://www.starshipchangeling.net/mastodon.


"stranger things", irl childhood unhappiness, on nostalgia 

to which i'd add: show me someone who enjoyed high school and i'll show you a former high school bully

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If you kindly ask someone to CW something and they refuse, accept that and move on.
If you can't take what they post, mute or block them.

Harassing them is never an appropriate response.

this space is Very White, and white many of us are also disabled, poor, LGBT+, and have varying other intersections

this does not take away from whiteness, and how it impacts of views and the way we go through life

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Yo, if you text a lot with your friends anyways?

Get them on Signal instead of Messenger or normal sms (it can do sms and internets).

It's encrypted, and just works.

When I rise to power, I will create a circle of Hell for those who abuse the reply all button on emails, carry on group texts with people who don’t know each other, and otherwise stress mme out via electronic communication.

Rereading all of the Rick Piordan books. It’s become apparent to me that all of the stories are telling a bigger story, and I want to make the connections.


7318 N Tamiami Trl, Sarasota, FL, 34243, United States

Finally managed to get my website verified on micro.blog. It might solve some of the integration problems I’ve been havin g.

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