I must say, the merging of ChromeOS and Android is working quite nicely for me. I can now use more than one TTS engine for Chromevox, and it's fully functional.

for those of you who play , when you're in the extreme left or right lane and you here something on the other side, do you have trouble telling which lane it's in?

just for @liamerven@twitter.com and others who have never had the pleasure. Sesame Street: Ernie And Bert Meet The Martians youtu.be/Te70C_4getQ via @YouTube@twitter.com

Somebody left a cane outside my door... it was a support cane, but still, I think it's safe to say it's known who the blind person in the neighborhood is.

I’ve seen this kind of thing in many communities of which i have been involved, and they aren’t all blindness related.
RT @BSG_Blog@twitter.com Don't miss this post! It is a must read for anyone who has ever visited the Audiogames forums!

“The Unacceptable Audiogames Forum Moderation Exposed"

🐦🔗: twitter.com/BSG_Blog/status/10

Does anyone know what a account does? I created one, but am not sure what to do with it.

Using the Twitter website to keep up with the hashtag. This is a nice experience.

Been spending my weekend with the from . That will probably be the next content on the .

from the Starship Changeling : Talking About The Starship Changeling on Vorail wp.me/pagcFg-22

It looks like I need to virtually take myself off of social media for the next month or so... Well, all of my updates can come from then.

David Copperfield's the worst magician I've ever seen. He cut me in half during a show in Las Vegas once and when it was time to put me back together he stuck my ass on the wrong way

This is a test of the Emergency I Need to Post Random Shit in Your Timeline that You'll Never care about system. Had this been a real random post, you wouldn't care, and it would be in your timeline.

Press r to read, press s to save, press p to print, press q to quit... Computers were much simpler then.

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There's a new way to sign up for the Toot! beta! Click this link:


Get in while you still can, beta testing will be ending soon... ish?

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