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Hi,My name is Randy, although sometimes people end up thinking my first name is Changeling and call me Changeling, and that's amusingly okay. I'm an , and would describe gender as , or when I'm not in educator mode. I also endjoy , , , and am a huge fan. I'm basically just here to escape the oppressed universe Twitter and have fun with people.

If they had one for pride, I'd totally buy it. I have a pride bracelet that has the colors, but this would get people's attention.
RT Beautiful, unusual, accessible, and inclusive! Our and are embossed in braille. Give the Elegant Insights touch of to yourself or someone you love.

RT No matter how you identify in the + communities, you are worthy of unconditional love and acceptance.

Your feelings are real! Your identity is valid! Be proud!

RT to show your support of all in the + communities.

It's always an awesome feeling when people recognize your representation of, and when you say, "This is the only place I can do it safely," the response is, "I know. It's okay. We'll fix it."


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