Testing the quill.p3k.io alt text feature. This the first ever photo of me in a pink shirt. Someone made the mistake of telling me I look totally adorable in it, and a fetish was born. lives!

Blind Photography/Changeling Photography Update 

For My First Post, Training Myself to Interact with Pictures
The General IdeaFor those of you who don't know, this site is mostly about my goal of becoming a blind photographer. I decided that the first step I should take was to train myself to interact with pictures. Places like Twitter are rich with pictures of all kinds, and I always spent my [...]

Blind photography, WordPress+ 

Blind Photography Update+ 

blind photography update 

Prologue to Blind Photography 

Blind Photography Update 

For my next step in learning photography, I'm making an effort to interact with more visual media in general... Okay, okay. It's just an excuse to watch the Avengers trilogy. Go easy on me.

At some point, I will most likely end up creating an account on the Bird planet specifically for chronicling . I don’t need to do that here, since hashtags are more managab.e.

For those of you who may doubts about my recent endeavor, here's a documentary called "The Labyrinth of What is Possible" about dcmp.org/media/7434-the-labyri

Here's something. Capturing people's faces and programming them into my camera has let me experience a level of interpersonal intimacy I never suspected. There's something about having a person talk to you and trying to figure out their dimensions and get their face into the frame that makes me feel one with them, just for a few seconds.

Continuing to program faces into my camera for . Also, analyzing old photos. Way too many selfies. 😲

Was searching on the bird site and found this. The biggest difference is she has some vision, and I have none at all. That just makes things a bit more challenging for me... But people are doing it. nvblindchildren.org/how-a-blin

Last night, someone suggested I start a blog to chronical . After doing some research, and after determining that most blogging services would let me add alt text to images, I've decided not to do that just yet. It's a lot of work to set something like that up, and I'm already doing a lot. Also, I like the idea of a decentralized chronicle. 😉

Finally, you can help by remembering to use the description box whenever you post your own pics to Mastodon. Not only does it remind me of my responsibilities to , it helps others who are enjoy your pics. 🐯 Seeing some of you here already do that is what made me decide to use this network to chronical this endeavor. That's it. I will now take questions. 🤠

The third thing I'm doing for is making myself use emojis. Not only are emotions an important part of pictures, but they are pictures, making each which worth 1000 words. Good, since toots are only 500 characters. You can help by asking, How do you feel? when you see posts without emojis. 😄

The second thing I've been doing is programming my camera to recognize the faces of people I interact with on a daily basis. First, this gives some immediate payoff for me. I'll be identify the people of whom I've taken pictures as well as the pictures themselves. Second, it gives me some initial practice taking pictures of people in a safe environment.

is going to rely on my ability to piece together pictures from the information I can gain from my environment, as well as the information I can get from the tools at my disposal. For that reason, I've been having people send me pics, and I've been trying to guess what they are. Send pics. I'll send you back my guess, and we'll compare notes. The only restriction here is you can't send images. Some of the services I use have strict policies about that.

With , a person with vision learns how to work the camera, adjust their equipment according to visual factors such as lighting, etc., in order to master the craft to an extent. With , I'll be learning those things at some point, but first I need to change the way I think about pictures, as well as the visual factors that contribute to them. The first thing I have to do is start interacting with pics. The next toot will explain the activity.

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