Whenever one of the humans asks me if i no where to find deaf or hearing impaired lifeforms after seeing my white cane, I pretend I’m in one of the time traveling episodes of , and I ended up in the ’60’s. It keeps me from going all monster on them and attracting the attent... starshipchangeling.net/604-2/

Looking for fans of the show . I just don't have enough of them in my timeline.

I... I... I can't hold it back much longer! My choice is...... LEVIATHANS! *splatter black liquid here*
RT @CrossroadsSPN@twitter.com Which of 's classic monsters would you like to see used more or again? If your choice isn't on the list, just tweet it!

Hi,My name is Randy, although sometimes people end up thinking my first name is Changeling and call me Changeling, and that's amusingly okay. I'm an , and would describe gender as , or when I'm not in educator mode. I also endjoy , , , and am a huge fan. I'm basically just here to escape the oppressed universe Twitter and have fun with people.


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