How to teach a 20-month-old the concept of "weekends" and "sleeping in"?

Bringing the kids to bed (and making sure they actually do sleep) gives me way to much time for social media on the smartphone, but cuts deeply into my budget for actual quality time for myself and my projects.

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Unser lieber @olel plant für die ChaosWest-Bühne auf dem #35c3 ein Chaos-Familien-Duell!
Nun brauchen wir noch zwei Dinge:
Leute, die Fragen unter beantworten und Teams, die mitmachen wollen.
Aktuell hat sich nur ein Team gemeldet, also los jetzt!

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@Gargron introducing metrics means people will work to game the metrics. theres no way to introduce these sorts of analytics without influencing people's behavior and i really dont want to see this platform turn into the same kinds of marketing game bullshit that ruined every other social media platform

So my bank requires a 8 digit password with capitals and special characters when I want to change it.

But it's also fine with keeping the initially supplied 6 digit one just with letters and numbers.

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Heute Abend feiert der Bytespeicher sein 5-jähriges Bestehen und die Eröffnung unseres neuens Konferenzraumes. Kommt vorbei! Essen und Getränke gehen aufs Haus!

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Signal is testing out a new feature that encrypts message metadata. Once it's widely deployed, their server will facilitate delivering messages but without having access to who is sending them

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Hat jemand 'Die drei Sonnen' des WDR vor der Depublikation gerettet? Frage für einen MP3 player...
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Für Hörspielfans: WDR bietet "Der dunkle Wald" zum Download an, den zweiten Teil der reichlich genialen Scifi-Trilogie von Cixin Liu

I packed two books and my laptop for a 5 day vacation with the kids.

I'll never learn.

When you take both you laptop and a book on a day trip and only manage to fall dead into your bed at 8pm even with your clothes still on instead of using either.

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Just seen Moana (who was called Vaiana although I watched the English version) AGAIN. Must be the 5th time now. Always gets me.

I blame the dad-hormones.

The light in front of the mirror in the workplace bathroom is broken for ages.

And I'm quite glad about it.

So it's more than a week now I haven't done anything usefull in the evening, because I either drop dead onto my bed imediately or just procrastinate along watching Netflix or playing PS4.

Yesterday I broke that at least updating my to-do-list.

I'm hopeless.

Really enjoying the new Spider-Man game. At least on par with the 2nd and 3rd Arkham games and also very similar. A little more light-hearted in tone and a friendlier, more colorful world. But an a bit overcomplicated tech-tree and a less combo-centric combat system. They share slight camera issues during fights though.
Looking forward to more Marvel hero games like this. Unfortunately, few of them have the right city-level dimension to fit the gameplay.

Update: made it to the desk, working on stuff.
Even organized to leave the house and meet people.

Proud of myself

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