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I am ChaoticFear19 and besides being Canadian, loving hockey and having 3 kids, I absolutely love video games! So much that I started making content on indie games!

RAW/UNEDITED gameplay of many different types and reviews on Steam!

Covering Alphas, Betas, Demos, Early Access and full releases! You can find my links below to Youtube and Steam curator page :)

Our newest video hit today. Yaengard is the game! A lovely turn based strategy game. Well designed with a unique leveling system!

Our newest video! This is Spacewing War which is a demo!

Awesome retro feeling shmup!

Releasing June 8th.

This week, my goal is to do videos on:

Obsidian Prince - Lets Play (2 or 3 more)
Riftbound - Lets Play
Songs of Conquest - First Impressions

If do them all, will hit up other First Impressions and demos :)

On the weekend, I'll do plenty more videos of others!

Final Night of Round 1 Playoffs

New York - 4 vs Pittsburgh - 3 (Over)
Flames - 4 vs Dallas - 3 (Over)

Round 2 being Tuesday:
Florida vs Tampa
Carolina vs New York
Colorado vs St Louis
Calgary vs Edmonton

Semi finals of East and West Conferences!

Changed up my logo and header here :)

New look, same content!

The memes shall continue! Leafs lose game 7 😂😂😂😂

We're closing in on 400 subscribers on ! Just over 30 to go 👀

1) First impression videos on Early Access/Full released games

2) Alpha, Beta, Demo games

3) Lets play series

All of ! Hit that sub button for daily releases!

We have THREE Game 7s tonight!

Carolina vs Boston
Tampa vs Toronto
Edmonton vs LA

Winners advance to the 2nd round!

Toronto vs Tampa in OT!

Toronto wins, they go to the 2nd round for the first time in awhile.

Tampa wins, they force a game 7!

End of 2nd period for Pittsburgh vs New York was insane!

3-3 end of 2nd period

Pittsburgh leads series 3-1

I have a question. I do First look/impression videos and put that word into the title of the video.. Should I remove that and add something else that would be saying this is "new" or no?

Sea Horizon doesn't have it in the title and has over 450 views (doesn't have anything new in the title though). The other First look/Impression videos have less then 30 views typically.

Can Boston lose please? No one wants them to move on, just get rid of the dirty team xD

Been playing lots of Sea Horizon and just shredding the enemies with ease! This is the 3rd playable character in the game and it just isn't fair with how OP I can build myself!

Thankfully, the devs are going to increase the difficulty late game to make it better!

I played three demos last night, all of them were a lot of fun. All of these are different genres too! Something for everyone!

From The Brink is a neat fast-pace action roguelike!

Sigil of the Magi is a solid tactical turn-based deckbuilder!

Just King is a chaotic autobattler!

Our new series continues from our first impressions video!

Lets play Sea Horizon part 2! Disgusting run with the Wanderer (Which happens about 25min in)... This is in Early Access right now!

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