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A teenage girl sat on a pavement near Parliament here on Saturday morning protesting against crimes against women, police said.

She was holding a placard with a slogan ‘Why I can’t feel safe in my own Bharat’.

She was later whisked away by the police in a police vehicle and was seen sobbing while going inside.

~The Hindu

She was trying to move people who don't care. She was trying to make sense to people who stopped making sense a long time ago. That's a crime.

Anu Dubey alleged that the police misbehaved with her while taking her to the police station. She claimed that she was beaten up and threatened by three police officers. Allegedly, she was thrown onto a bed in the police station after which three policewomen sat over her and bet her. She had scratch marks on her body.


I'm being told picked up a lone woman sitting outside Parltt quietly with a placard saying "It happened in Hyderabad yesterday, can happen to me today, I'm not safe in my own country" or words to that effect, and has detained her in Parliament St PS for past 2 hours?



Years after the horrific Nirbhaya attack, India has made little progress in ensuring security of women

Just outraging isn't enough

The brutal incident in Hyderabad is a reminder that society, policing, judicial systems & govts must reform to ensure violence against women stop



To all the men ,
If a girl is walking alone then it's your responsibility not your opportunity,
Be the man not the devil.


This is what we as men put women through.. Feeling unsafe in their own town or city is not a good sign.. Let us all men hang our heads in shame & do something for our own sake.. The women are a integral part of our lives. #womenlivesmatter #WomenSafety

Uddhav Thackeray wants ‘in-depth probe’ into Justice Loya’s death Last year's news... Now that he is CM, will he Order the Probe..❓

"Mujhe Darr lagta hai"

Amit Shah "Aapko darr lagta hai to kya Kanpatti pe gun rakh ke hasaae"

@CharismaticSal_ there is always some light...Enough to keep you warm. We just need to find it. And find our way out.


Shayad faiz k waqt chal rahi sham ab tak chal rahi hai. Kahi esa to nahi is sham ki koi subah nahi?

@CharismaticSal_ Am good. Just saw the following toots. There is a small disscusion here to build an App to help women safety. Would you be interested?
Looking for more women voices.

@CharismaticSal_ reminds me of Faiz

"दिल ना-उमीद तो नहीं नाकाम ही तो है
लम्बी है ग़म की शाम मगर शाम ही तो है"

I haven't logged in to twitter after November 6th and it's been amazing 23 days here. The kind of ideas, content, sensitivity, commitment, zeal and interaction I have had here is incredible.

This gives me hope. Let's not make Mastodon another facebook or twitter. Let's embrace as the need of the future.

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