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Hello folks. I'm Charlotte Ariel Finn. This is my newer, more unified handle, same as on Mastodon as it is on Twitter.

I blog here:

I write a webcomic, with ING on art, here: - which I'll be retooting in the coming days, once I have set up its own account.

Looking forward to interacting with you, unless you are a dink!

Everyone says I'm a downer and have been for months. I'm trying to find out what that means, since they get vague when pressed.

Wednesday's BRAND ECHO can be seen, early, on our Patreon, which you can join for one single dollar!

You can read the whole series here:

Here is a preview! Alice games.

#webcomics #mastoart

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Due to illness on the part of Ing and myself, the next Brand Echo will be a little late. Sorry!

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Page 6 of BRAND ECHO, by myself and ING, is now live. Transcript available here:

The layout was Ing's suggestion, and folks, when a collaborator has a suggestion this good, I try to run with it.

#webcomics #mastoart

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This is a preview for page 6 of Brand Echo. All Ing's suggestion, and folks: when you artist has a great idea, run with it.

You can unlock this tomorrow at noon, by becoming a Patreon:

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In addition to writing a webcomic I also write about the recently revived (and concluded) ASTRO CITY comic.

This week, it's a review of a story starring WOLFSPIDER, who's from Australia, he is, no worries, bonzer, get some tucker in ya.

I did a WoW raid last night in raid finder and some chud decided to start shouting BUILD THE WALL mid-fight 🙃

Page 5 of BRAND ECHO. We're all up to date! Words by me and art by @ingdamnit.

Transcript and archives are available in this thread:

Please do consider supporting us on Patreon as Patreon is my only source of income:

#webcomics #mastoart

Page 4 of BRAND ECHO.

Page 5 uploads tomorrow, at here, and on our website:

But you can view it early, for as little as $1!

Page 3 of BRAND ECHO. This page is a stone cold stunner; possibly the best thing Ing's ever drawn.

Check his art out:

And support us on Patreon:

Transcript available here:

#webcomics #mastoart

Page 2 of BRAND ECHO. Alice in a melancholy mood.

Catch up in this thread, or check out our website, which has a full transcript:

And support us on Patreon!

#webcomics #mastoart

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