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Hello folks. I'm Charlotte Ariel Finn. This is my newer, more unified handle, same as on Mastodon as it is on Twitter.

I blog here:

I write a webcomic, with ING on art, here: - which I'll be retooting in the coming days, once I have set up its own account.

Looking forward to interacting with you, unless you are a dink!

I have ordered a webcam and I have bought FaceRig.

The evolution continues.

Power Ranger who channels the abilities of an H.R. Giger monster: "it's xenomorphin' time"

Power: (goes out)

My PS4: what the fuck. what did you do. what did you fuCKINg DO. you unplugged me. you bitch mother fucker. I hope your ass rots

Today the politics of Garfield are... (spins wheel) Odie is blackpilled

PH (+) 

Test is negative, I don't have it.

Still gonna isolate for a bit until this whatever-I-got fades, but this is a load off my mind.

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PH (~) 

Update: still feel weak, but the sore throat has diminished considerably. Weakness is hopefully just psychosomatic as I am, understandably, ~nervous.~

Hopefully, things will continue to improve and/or I'll get a negative result on my test.

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PH (-) 

The upside is that the test was fairly easy - appointment same day, with testing capacity for up to 100 in a half-hour block, took ten minutes in-and-out, covered by Canadian hippie health care. And I'm fortunate enough that I can work from home.


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PH (-) 

It comes and goes, but yesterday and today I had a sore throat and some fatigue - no cough - so I went in for a COVID test and am isolating 'til I get the result.

I am a little scared, but that's normal for this year.

I am so tucking tired but it's all done. Time to sleep and then do it all again tomorrow, only somehow worse

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So now that Google Music is vapor, where are you all buying your music?

(Yes, I still buy music)

So, *unseals ancient evil,* if we know what subtext is, what's the definition of domtext

Kicked out of the Destiny 2 guild for playing the second track on Prozzak's Hot Show over the team chat

(The Cherry Poppin' Daddies playing Destiny)

♫♪ Loot shoot RIOT (riot!) ♪♫

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