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Think I'm gonna portray the Drow like this from now on

MASKS Art Commission 

Finally took the plunge and got a commission of this session's big emotional moment. My character Demi has been handling her cruel fate remarkably well, but she finally broke down in anger and fear after a very scary close call.

This isn't the first time she had a breakdown inside of her genie lamp. But this time she had a friend in her fellow Young Olympian, Pop Vulture.

Art by Shizamura in Birdsite:

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You have heard of the uncle who works at Nintendo, now get ready for the aunt who is a


Still on social media break, but I figured I'd let people know that my webcomic with ING has updated for patrons.

The climb begins.

Page goes live for everyone else on Wednesday!

"Within That Inch, We Are Free." (Depiction of Torture) 

V for Vendetta has aged about as well as anything from 35 years ago that was created by white guys can age, but I sweat, "Valerie" knocks the wind out of me every single time.

Internet History (SFW Goatse Mention, Incredibly) 

I think we all have different delineation points for when the Internet became What It Is, but for me, "Goatse is blockchain now" is a big one.

Poster, eye contact, Charlotte Is Talking About Superman & Lois Lane gain 

I have a relatively small number of "yeah, the straights can keep this one" pairings in fiction, and this will always be one of them.

ALIENS: Working Stiffs (Fan Comic, Blood, Violence) 

For the early evening crowd: my friend and I (who create @brandecho together) have created an ALIENS fan comic.

Pages 1-4:

Me and a Friend Created an ALIENS Fan Comic. (Blood, Violence, Gore) 

Hello all. Me and my friend created an ALIENS comic to commemorate Alien Day.

You can read it all here:

Or in this thread.

Pages 1-4 below.

When you're the Blue Raja and you watched a Shaw Brothers film with nunchucks in it last night

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