@Phorm My handle is the Mermurderer and I wrestle in a seashell bra. My finishing move is the Rock Bottom, which is different than the Rock's Rock Bottom because instead of body slamming someone I just get bummed out.

Question, who's the artist who drew that comic where a future version of themselves pops through a time portal and tells them "don't read the manga with the holes shaped like people?"

MH, Dreams (-) 

If you're curious how the brain of Charlotte Finn is doing, I had an okay dream about Jimmy Olsen being in Infinite Crisis and then I was shot to death by a security guard at a hotel.


Gotta say, the hack that means you deflect all bullets when you deflect one? Pretty dope

@strawberry Yeah, attrition is a ton of fun for learning multiplayer; good mix of AI enemies and player badasses. When I played, I cleaned up well with a Scorch mech and knowing how and when to melt a spawn or bushwhack an enemy mech who stood too close to a can of flaming gas

@strawberry It's an absolute hoot. Have you tried the horde mode, where it's you and a few buddies versus waves of armies?


Last night's nightmares was me getting raked over the coals on social media for having an unpopular opinion on nerd shit.

Really wish I could see my therapist in good conscience right now.

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I am glad that none of the friends I met in Toronto treated me like a fraud, because I sure felt like one.

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I had a nightmare that my hair all fell out as I ran my hand through it.

So I guess I'm still upset over the damage that T has done to my hairline.

My "I am not made out of cake" T-shirt has people asking a lot of questions already answered by my shirt

Can't believe I have seen zero "the cake is a lie" posts. Are we... are we free?

Shilling for my Patreon 

For the curious, I wrote a novella about the background of my MASKS character and put it on Patreon. Membership is $1 a month. patreon.com/posts/bottle-episo

no matter how many times i see this video it's still funny to me

@LilyVers Oh dang, my last tabletop character is a genie (who's going through more rough shit) so this would get Interesting

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