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Nothing makes me more euphoric than using all three of my given names.

My body has decided that my circadian rhythm will henceforth be controlled by Twitch chat, and somehow I haven’t felt better in months.

Not me dreaming about asking another trans woman whether she wants to be lesbians together via a frog-themed mailbox system and getting really giddy when she finally replied.

God, I’m lonely.

Last autumn was the last time I know for a fact that I was a woman and it felt very different from my usual existence in a way I can’t quite put into words.

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There are times when being called a woman doesn’t bother me but they never feel like the last time I *was* a woman, so I can’t tell whether I actually am a woman during these phases or just care about the terminology less than usual.

I just don’t understand why most people prefer mainstream social media platforms over Mastodon! We’ve been trying so hard to get them to switch by telling everyone who casually cares about such irrational concepts as audience size on the internet or has ever looked at an ad in their life to fuck off lest they taint our perfect community!

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“Boohoo, more people are finally joining our platform, but they’re doing it for the wrong reasons because unlike me – who is categorically a better person – they’re too fucking stupid to understand what social media is ✨really✨ about. This is literally the worst thing that could ever happen.”

We get it. We fucking get it. You can talk about something else now.

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Mastodon users go five minutes without bragging about how obviously morally superior you are to all those brain-dead Twitter morons Challenge 2022

Making the ultimate Evangelion reference by being incapable of interhuman connection and destroying my relationships with the people I care about the most.

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