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Charlotte Ariel Finn @CharlotteOfOz

@costakout Jesus, yeah. Close call. I hope there's no more problems with it.

God bless the inventor of the smartphone, for putting a combination comics panel and word balloon into everyone's pocket and unlocking the storytelling potential thereof.

Whenever I get comic pages for something I wrote, I get a brief little tingle of "I helped make that. It wasn't there before and now it is."

Feels so good.

@aesmael I love that feeling. "Wow, I'm a much better writer now."

USB sounds like a backup in case the USA fails.

dont be fooled!!! high heels are just a gateway drug into something altogether more sinister: digitigrade locomotion

Also, Week of Bad Personal Things is nearly over, thank God.

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Howdy, tootsite. Without getting into it, this week's a rough one and good vibes are desired.

@indi Or, if it'll fit in a toot, link to said toot

@indi If there's a link to a page that runs down it all, you could always do that.

"Here is Skurge, with machine guns" is the moment I came to love Thor: Ragnarok's trailer.

Child: *screams wordlessly at top of lungs*

Me, a librarian: Same.