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Charlotte Ariel Finn @CharlotteOfOz

Page 13 of my webcomic, Lucian's True History.

Also, Week of Bad Personal Things is nearly over, thank God.

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Howdy, tootsite. Without getting into it, this week's a rough one and good vibes are desired.

@indi Or, if it'll fit in a toot, link to said toot

@indi If there's a link to a page that runs down it all, you could always do that.

"Here is Skurge, with machine guns" is the moment I came to love Thor: Ragnarok's trailer.

Child: *screams wordlessly at top of lungs*

Me, a librarian: Same.

@talestoenrage That and karate-chopping (she's into the rough stuff, I imagine)

So did Frank Oz ever talk dirty to someone in a Muppets voice? It had to have happened at least once.

@Spearhafoc thank you for trusting us with this. They/them it is! I hope you find your way to yourself soon.

@franzferdinand2 Toots are good. We're all obsessing over the giraffe that's about to pump out a kid

Here's thirteen minutes on why the Fast and Furious movies rock out:

What's up, new followers. My friends are doing a comics Kickstarter, and it's down to the last 8 days!

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on the other hand, certain tweets of his are short form thoughts that have been EXTENDED to 140 characters. providing needless detail to an extremely mundane thing, using typos and subverting expectations. keeps it fresh and interesting and establishes a world that this character lives in where no one questions how ridiculous it all is.