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Charlotte Ariel Finn

One of the weird things about getting older and knowing your way around your own brain a little better is that I can actually feel and recognize the pressure marketing is exerting.

Like, a day straight of Star Wars jokes, seeing a Star Wars ad for a phone carrier, a Star Wars ad for a car, and a Star Wars ad for Star Wars toys and a Star Wars ad for some movie I guess, I could actually feel the equivalent of peer pressure telling me to go straight away.

It looked great because it was! Last time I was taken in by a movie's raw animated craft like this was KUBO.

I am off to see THE BREADWINNER because I have decided "girl has to present male to ensure her family doesn't starve" is unlikely to give me dysphoria, and also it looks great.

Twitter-tag question today asked whether we wrote happy or realistic endings.

Really interesting that the question set those up as opposites.

Furry friends, I'm going to regret this, but what's the community's official stance on cross-species reproduction?

I have been discussing the "Judy Hopps wants an abortion" comic for a day straight.

So I been off Birdsite all day. What happened at Cracked?

I just bought a movie ticket, thereby giving up all hope of ever becoming a multimillionaire.

I spent a good portion of my life in a regular chatroom series of games, that dissolved this year. Now I've got little idea how to find one.

Out of habit, and despite not being in a game at present, I bought a D&D book.

I know some comic folks follow me on here. I have some open time for projects coming up in 2018 so if you are looking for a diligent, clever comic writer, check out my samples and hit me up!

The Dark Knight (2008) is technically a Christmas movie because of the scene where the Batmobile lost a wheel and the Joker got away

The last couple of days have been a reminder that the culture of Birdsite, nurtured by its feedback loops, is almost perfectly calibrated so that a beef need never be settled and an argument never has to end.

I made a joke on Birdsite about how Marvel's EiC picked his pseudonym by spinning around until dizzy and pointing at a random nerd object, but tbh with a mermaid middle name and the last name Finn, maybe I am owning myself.

(Trans names are different than what CBC did, I know. Just remembering this one trans lady who set down a definition for trans people I did not meet and I'm having imposter syndrome again)

I have disappeared down a Dishonored lore hole

All right, I bought a pro font with OpenType Contextual Alternates, and I found out CLIP Studio doesn't support them. Anyone got comics lettering software they'd recommend that does?

Blambot is having a sale on all of its pro fonts this good day!

Hey folks, pal and stalwart Strange Romance contributor (she's helped me edit the upcoming volume) @CharlotteOfOz has a website, and one of the things featured there is a cool short story she wrote as a series of time-dilated FTL messages, which was featured as a Kickstarter bonus. Really, really good stuff, in my unbiased opinion!

Check it out here:

Today at the BLOG: I debated which of my Tumblr-era, pre-CA essays to reproduce on the site first, then Multiversity went on sale and the choice was made for me.

My big essay on Ultra Comics #1 and why it gives me anxiety to think about it, even now.