I am downloading Wildstar for comedy value and the downloader is managing to crash. I'm kind of impressed.


I actually bought Wildstar when it was released, and you ever watch a AAA MMO get just about everything wrong?

@CharlotteOfOz I remember thinking Wildstar looked neat, and then everything I heard from it after launch was a whole new level of horror.

@talestoenrage Oh, next-level horror. The one that gets me is that their solution for a raid attunement bug was "you need to create a whole new character." Absolutely no one is on your side if you do that.

@CharlotteOfOz I remember working CS for Age of Conan, and we definitely had some bone-headed management decisions about what we could and could not do to help people. None of our solutions went that far down the road of "I don't fucking understand the basic selling points of our own game."

@talestoenrage No kidding. They're still hiring so I guess??? they're making a new MMO?

@CharlotteOfOz I mean, bless them for trying again. I would not want to launch an MMO now without a rock solid game plan and a concept that literally required long term player participation to work, otherwise I don't see a financial future in it.

@talestoenrage The market's moved on - the tab-target actionbar MMO is basically a genre with one goliath and maybe three Davids. Games like Destiny are the new style.

@CharlotteOfOz Arguably something like Destiny was the natural evolution of the MMORPG, where twitch skills are a more pronounced part of the basic gameplay and you can't just run an optimal load out and hit keys in the right order. I'm not sure I believe that, but it makes sense it took a game like Destiny to recapture some of that energy.

@talestoenrage Yep - the other direction is stuff like Minecraft, which is less of a themepark. Really, a lot of WoW was born out of how MMOs had to account for latency two decades ago, which was a long, long time ago. Preferred modes of gameplay have changed.

I resubbed in part because I feel it has to be coming to an end soon, and I wanted to be somewhat involved in it when that happened.

@CharlotteOfOz There's a part of me that does want to resub and revive my Draenei enhancement shaman, because I love that there is a class that lets you just punch everything AND cast magic spells (I stopped before monks) came in, but between my job and my family, I can't justify the time sink. Either I'd be paying to play for a few hours a week, or getting in trouble for playing too much instead of being with my son.

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