So I went to download GIMP 2.10 and saw the BitTorrent link, and went, "huh." Then, for novelty's sake, I went and installed a BT client.

The official BT client - laden with ads - said that the GIMP installer from GIMP's own website "has a virus in it" and that upgrading to the paid BT client would protect me. Matches MD5 checksum; no virus detected by two scanners.

I feel a little put off by BT trying this scaremonger BS. Anyone have recs for a Win10 BT client that isn't skeevy?

@CharlotteOfOz qbittorrent or transmission are good. i prefer qbittorrent because it's more focused toward windows users, whereas transmission is better on macos and linux imo

@CharlotteOfOz Ever thought about switching to Linux, where software respects you instead of trying to screw you over?

@colomar Tried it once a few years back, and never got it to work right.

@CharlotteOfOz Could be worth giving it another try. Just create a live USB stick with the current version of one of the major distros, boot from it and see what works and what doesn't. And only install if everything you care about works.

@CharlotteOfOz Ugh. I use an outdated version of BT so I don't have to put up with that BS.

@filby @CharlotteOfOz I've been using qBittorrent and Tixati on windows after checking their reputations

@CharlotteOfOz qBittorrent is what you want -

I've been using it for years now it is my go-to recommendation for desktop BT clients

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