So I went to download GIMP 2.10 and saw the BitTorrent link, and went, "huh." Then, for novelty's sake, I went and installed a BT client.

The official BT client - laden with ads - said that the GIMP installer from GIMP's own website "has a virus in it" and that upgrading to the paid BT client would protect me. Matches MD5 checksum; no virus detected by two scanners.

I feel a little put off by BT trying this scaremonger BS. Anyone have recs for a Win10 BT client that isn't skeevy?

@CharlotteOfOz Ugh. I use an outdated version of BT so I don't have to put up with that BS.

@filby @CharlotteOfOz I've been using qBittorrent and Tixati on windows after checking their reputations

@CharlotteOfOz qBittorrent is what you want -

I've been using it for years now it is my go-to recommendation for desktop BT clients

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