It's Halloween night, AKA the best night for the best holiday (pipe down, Christmas.) So one more time, before the end of the season:

HALLOWEEN GIRL AND THE SECRET OF THE SKELETON KEY, by @Spearhafoc and me, on sale right now!

TOMORROW IS HALLOWEEN (the good holiday πŸ’€ πŸ’€ πŸ’€ )

Me and Philip Rice ( @Spearhafoc ) went and made a dang comic book that you can buy, that is all about the good holiday (πŸŽƒ πŸŽƒ πŸŽƒ ) and the magical girl who protects it (πŸ‘§ πŸ‘§ πŸ‘§ )

HALLOWEEN GIRL and the Secret of the Skeleton Key is by myself and @Spearhafoc and centers around a Halloween magical girl. It's about making up for mistakes and feeling like a dunce. Also, she fights a giant pumpkin Dormammu.…


It's almost the weekend, which means it's almost next week, which means it's almost Halloween - so what better time to read about the adventures of everyone's favorite shapeshifting Japanese-American disaster bisexual?

Drawn by Philip Rice (@Spearhafoc ) !

Letters by Hassan Ostmane-Elhaou!

And writing by me!


Not to give anything away for but there might be multiple mermaid and mer-adjacent stories in Strange Romance volume 2, which is Kickstarting its print edition RIGHT NOW:

Afternoon! Today's preview from STRANGE ROMANCE Vol 2'S Kickstarter is from "The Light at Point Agape" by JoJo Seames and Dave Lartigue, possibly the most unconventional love story you'll ever read.

You can support our print edition here!

Good afternoon! Today's except from Strange Romance 2 is from "It Means The World To Me," a space explorer romance from Matthew Tavares and Andrew Weiss!

You can back Strange Romance 2 in print edition, RIGHT HERE.

Afternoon! I've been doing short one-page previews from Strange Romanve Vol 2 over on Birdsite and I'm gonna start doing it here!

Today's preview from Strange Romance Vol 2's print edition is a story about love in the time of glam rock, by JoJo Seames and Andrew Ihla!

You can pledge to the Kickstarter here!

Good evening! STRANGE ROMANCE Vol 2 in print is 68.3% funded, and if we reach 69% funded I will post a special thank-you.

If you want over a hundred pages of digital romance comics for under five dollars, have I got a deal for you all: STRANGE ROMANCE 2018 is now available on Comixology!

For fans of comics, romance, comics with romance, strange comics, and comic with strange romance, today is your lucky day: STRANGE ROMANCE, VOL. 3, assistant-edited by yours truly, is in the Comixology store RIGHT NOW.

Boy, this takes me back. The pinky kept breaking on my Hand of Fate ship so I had to pretend that Draegar had lost a finger in the second movie and modified his ship to match.

(I found this old ad at

Today at the BLOG: I debated which of my Tumblr-era, pre-CA essays to reproduce on the site first, then Multiversity went on sale and the choice was made for me.

My big essay on Ultra Comics #1 and why it gives me anxiety to think about it, even now.

"Halloween is in danger, and Halloween Girl races to confront the source, which may be none other than the Easter Bunny himself! But is more at play here than first appears – and will the Girl of a Thousand Monsters live long enough, and shapeshift fast enough, to get to the bottom of it all?"

Halloween Girl #2 is LIVE on Comixology! BELIEVE IT.

Grab it, and issue #1, here!

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