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Charlotte Ariel Finn

RIP Charlotte, she saw Daisy Ridley in a tux

@filby Thanks. Hopefully it will be solved soon enough.

A great movie that was rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreal hard for me to watch.

I am off to see A FANTASTIC WOMAN, and the parents did not give me weird looks (I didn't tell them anything but the name and the Oscar nom)

@tashepard Some motherfuckers are always trying to Tokyo Drift uphill.

@tashepard The best thing about this is that I'm 90% sure that Blade exists in the Fast and Furious universe, so that logically means he can be the bridge between worlds.

@kellycrow Yeah, it's the only vehicle that doesn't fit the naming convention and that's just wroooooong

@kellycrow Well, rhymes with "hat hat," really, as opposed to ay-tee-ay-tee

I have been informed that people pronounce AT-AT as "hat hat" and I understand why people join doomsday cults now

@Julia_Whiteford I'm so sorry you're going through all this. Hang in there.

Fuck to Churchill for this eternity and all others

@franzferdinand2 What's this about Brooklyn barbecue? Are we gonna have a food debate here too

Ultimately More Fun Comics proved more financially successful for National Publications than its predecessor, Less Fun Comics.

What's the service for sending folks cash that has the lowest user fees?

I dig Michael Shannon and Michael B. Jordan a great deal but I have a nagging fear that the HBO adaptation of F451 will take five episodes to get to "maybe burning books is bad"

tired: me
wired: a monthly American print and online magazine

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