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Randomly thinking about the "crunch -> scrunch -> scrunchy" gag from SNEAKERS

BRAND ECHO is a forthcoming webcomic from me and my collaborator ING, and there is a new teaser for you this day!

w̵̺̦͎h̦̳̩͖͙̫͡ͅo͏͔̹'̴͔̥̱̟̙̩s̶̘̲̟ ̕h͙̫̫̙͟u̢̖̥̥͎̲̞̜n̩̠͖̘̗̭̘g̲͚͘r͖̰͜y̡̜͔̩̬̹.͔̺͉͈

Too cold to go out and have fun but at least I'm getting some writing done.

I have an opportunity to watch the Cornetto trilogy theatrically today and am seriously wondering if I should.

Now begins the hard part of any PTA viewing experience: did I like it, or did I just like how it looked?

Whoever invented the leaning bench, I hope your favorite shirt gets a hole in it

Going off to see PHANTOM THREAD, the movie about the tailor who makes the Phantom's purple tights. *is handed a piece of paper* I misspoke

Boy, this takes me back. The pinky kept breaking on my Hand of Fate ship so I had to pretend that Draegar had lost a finger in the second movie and modified his ship to match.

(I found this old ad at

The comic I'm collaborating on with my good friend ING is finally nearing launch, and here is a teaser for you all.

I am getting in concept art for a collaboration and am over the moon

Welcome to the Tide Podcast. Please like and subscribe. So, uh, *clears throat* a little bit of a downer news item at the top of the show here

In this Savage Rifts game I am playing, of all things, a reporter, and having a ball. Having lots of skills is handy! Just have to, you know, duck a little when a fight breaks out.

It is too damn early to read the words "anime-based cryptocurrency"

I refuse to learn Thing One about edible Tide Pods. It feels like an absurdist tweet from 2013.

If you're furry and an enby does that make you a furby?

I stretched in the morning and pulled a calf muscle and now I'm limping. Ugh.

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