OK so Olivette Otele has just become the first black woman to be made professor of history in Britain and it turns out she fucking rules. Here are some excerpts from an interview thing she did:

- What book in your field should everyone read?
- The Bible, the Quran and the Communist Manifesto.
- Tudors or Stuarts?
- Tudors and Oyo Empire.
- Cromwell or Charles I?
- I would rather choose Owain GlyndΕ΅r.

Also she speaks like eight languages

how about instead of wesley snipes he's nestle snipes and he produces chocolate using slave labor

me: and then they took vape ape away from me. they killed him. in front of me.
actual gorilla: what
me: wait gorillas can talk
gorilla: yeah

And don't forget it was 45 that cut funding to investigate white supremacist groups specifically.

What's happening isn't magic.

Halloween: cool, orange, no family get together
Christmas: bad, cold, family get togethers based on weird guilt, alienating due to everyone being at least 10 years older than me



Help me out Mastodon - are there any quotes or image macros that make Alex Jones look even more ridiculous than the infamous "gay frogs" line? This infowars sticker guy is goddamn persistent

Preferably not anything obviously satirical or exaggerated. I don't want it to come across as a made-up attack, just as a genuine exposure of how insane the guy is

Picard out-lawyering the xenophobic space lawyers to get an extension on a colony evacuation is some next gen as hell star trek

Bofa deez houses, alike in dignity, in fair Verona where we lay our scene

robots would only be straight for a little while

An economist columnist sprints down an alley, his seersucker suit heavy with sweat. But this alley has no exit -- it is a dead end.


Slowly they approach. The entire gang, swaggering and snickering. "There he is! Do socialism to him!"

Now he can only plead "Please...don't...". But this only makes them giddier. They do not stop. They do exactly what they came here to do. They give him free healthcare.


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