Drinking lemon pine-sol while listening to earl sweatshirt and thinking about doing some crimes.

Getting put on FBI watchlists for putting an alexa inside of a furby.

maintain the pact of sacred hospitality or perish

Goofy: Tries to bond with his son Max
Gooby: Sold his son Max into indentured servitude and only visits him to remind him that his mother is dead.

Hello, my name is Clark. For about 6 months now I have been smoking kryptonite. I just want to feel normal, like Lois.

Problem is, I think I like it a bit too much, and the mines are running dry.

Taking cues from Lonesome Crowded West, and launching roman candles at people with beach side properties as they fight to avoid slipping into the sea with all their belongings.

Gargamel didn't want to eat the smurfs, he just wanted to grind them into a powder to use in his fertilizer. He had an award winning rose garden to maintain and the pressure of being the 3 time reigning champ had gotten to him.

Feelin' that Flintheart Glomgold type beat
going to smoke Scrouge and take his giant vault
launch it into the sea and have HDL sent to foster care

whenever i drive by an arbys they have to lash me to the mast like odysseus

Here comes the kid from down the block.

Last week he was dressed as a sheriff and shot you with his finger guns. He will not stop hounding you because you didn't play dead.

Do you duck behind the shrubs and prepare for a shootout or make a break for the front door?

Just finished sound proofing my dog's recording studio. I expect big things for his career. His tour starts 11.11.18

Smoking crack with Bob and John while Ashley flubs her lines for the 15th time today. Dave fucked up his car last week so he's doing a stint with Betty. This thing is falling apart.

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