I feel like progress is going to be super slow from here on out. I can't stop watching my new buzzy friends flying around

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Little construction bees deserve little construction hats (courtesy of Mim ^_^ )

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Preserving remaining ratios when one value changes. My tiny maths brain had to take a little while to work this one out. Not pictured is the code for allocating leftover percentages evenly between ratios that were previously zero

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Finally got Mim's bee rooms in the game. Needs some function-based tinting to help stuff be readable from a distance/at a glance, but it's nicely busy.

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Foragers now exit the hive (and bring back goodies). I'll add a dive animation and fade them out later if I have time

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Storage rooms for all five resource types are in, construction now takes time and requires builders (or workers if there are no builders around, but they take longer), and under construction cells now have scaffolding

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Sometimes bees do a little twirl. It's unintended behaviour, and so technically a bug, but it makes me so happy <3

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It's a little too big for Mastodon's upload size, but here's a look at the hive made during our first playtest!


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Today also marks the end of our jam! We've been working away on this for 10 days at a pretty relaxed pace (4-6 hours or so a day). There are still some missing bits, and we're still discussing what to do from here, but it's been a fun ride! We're hoping to get builds out soon :)

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The last feature I squeezed in before our scheduled end was these vignettes that randomly pop up to tell you what's going on in particular rooms. This one's for a nursery. Harry is a good bee sitter who cares about the grubs' physical growth.

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@StraToN The UI mock up is in Inkscape, but it'll be in Godot soon enough :)

@archtoasty Just a little jam Mim and I have been doing for a week or so. Planning to wrap it up on Friday

@archtoasty If not beforehand, then I'll try to get something playable up on Friday. It's going to be pretty raw though :D

@archtoasty It's definitely been fun to make. Hopefully it'll be as fun to play :)

- make a bug report
- resolve it as "By Design"
- now it's a feature!

@archtoasty Ah, I think it's a little way off being played unsupervised just yet ^_^

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