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Fixed some more bugs in test builds of Hive Time, and added a HUD progress bar to track progress towards enough jelly to spawn a new Queen (suggested by Aubrey)

Queens now grow with age. When a new Queen spawns, the old one bumbles (that's what wandering aimlessly is called in the code ^_^ ) around the throne room

Got effect details displaying nice-ish (still need to do some text formatting), and a cool radial duration indicator happening

Spent this morning writing a quick build/deploy script for . Build systems seem to be like version control. I know lots of devs who feel like they can get by without one, but they're not much effort to set up and save tons of time/reduce human error

Here's that as a GitLab snippet. It exports a Godot project for Linux, Mac and Windows builds, compresses them, and then optionally deploys to Itch via butler. Feel free to copy/adapt ^_^

Giving a little "pop" to bees and had a brief bug where bees could get Very Large

Still needs some work, but you can now inspect individual bees when the game is paused to see their name, how old they are, what they're up to, and what they're carrying

I put together a little website for to make stuff easier to find/keep track of. Another thing crossed off the todo list :)

Had a long-time bug that I thought was construction completing on its own. After tweaking forced-perspective scaling that I was doing as bees left the hive, I spotted that some bees weren't returning to full size. Nanobees were doing the construction

Decided to replace the pause/play button with inspect/build. Toggle buttons are tricky (it's difficult to clearly communicate both the current state and what the button does), so I'll probably give it a bunch more work, but I feel better about this

Finally finished a first pass on save/load support. I'm sure it still needs work, but it seems to be working well enough for now, and future bug reports can also include a save game \o/

Writing save/load code is one of my least favourite parts of game dev, but it's still pretty important! Here's some rambling on the topic

Early tests for a radial construction menu in . Once this is implemented, most of the old temp UI will go away :)

Fixed a camera bug that I thought was an engine bug (note to self: transform your translations into local space before applying them).

Now I can do fancy depth of field (probably won't by default, but it's nice to have the option!)

Finally got radial cell context menus into the game. The old construction menu and temp HUD elements are gone now, build costs are clearly communicated, and pausing/resuming production is a bit more intuitive :)

I spent most of last night and the first half of today designing the icons for the new radial menu system. Not completely happy with all of them (the resource production ones definitely feel like a cop-out), but it's pretty great to see them in all together in-game :)

We're bringing @KestrelPi onboard as a composer to help bring to life. Music can be such a big part of the experience, and we're super happy to have an experienced tune carrier joining our small band of bee lovers :)

Finally got the honey refinery production/pause/resume animations that I started during yesterday's stream looking/behaving better. Had to redo them three times >_<

Spend some time messing with main menu stuff today. It's still a long way from done, but it's a start!

Finally got the main menu in and behaving today. Still needs a whole bunch of work, but it's fun and functional, and that's what matters \o/

Added a little HUD icon for when vignettes are active, which zooms the viewport onto the relevant cell when clicked. Makes finding them in large/complex hives heaps easier.

Neeeearly done with menu stuff. Got this cool transition working this afternoon.

I'm going to make that Queen sit in the throne by the end of the day if it kills me

Shipped a update tonight that I had hoped to ship on the 10th to coincide with when the Queen's birthday is celebrated in my corner of the world. In Australia alone, we have the Queen's birthday on 3 different days in different months.

I'll be the first to admit that the colonial heritage we put so much effort into celebrating should instead be commiserated, but in this rare case, I was happy to lean into it and reference the silliness

Making a start on giving a bit more feedback on the outcomes of events, aaaaaand I think I'm going to need bigger info boxes

Expanded some of the research options (research items can now can require other research items to be completed before becoming available) last night

Did some tweaking of age related stuff today. Bees no longer have negative age (previously there was a global lifespan and varying starting point to give variance). Also added an "effect" (bottom right) to communicate encroaching Queen mortality

It's really hard to take a screenshot of this, but there are some UI sounds in the game now. A screenshot of the volume settings will have to suffice

Been working on some particle effects to make bee deaths more readable. I'm worried that they might be too subtle.

Also working on a spawn effect. Always make the same mistake twice, I say.

Had our first bit of game-ready WIP music come in today. It's super exciting to see our little game with big music :D

Here's a minute or so of gameplay featuring the first bit of @KestrelPi 's work so far (apologies for the Twitter link - video's a bit big for Mastodon)

You can hear more of it over on Peter's soundcloudy thing

Here's a screenshot of some of the new particle effects that happen when bees drop resources that they've brought in from outside the hive 🐝

For anybody who's not up for reading the entire dev log, here's a recap of the past couple of weeks' worth of work

Added a transparent preview of the to-be-built cell when hovering over a construction option (which turns red when it's unbuildable). Goodbye feedback on not knowing why stuff can't be built.

Gave the population menu a bit of an overhaul today. Probably going to shorten the heading, but in general, it's looking more Hive Timey than the default Godot UI did

I also popped in some fun particle effects to help communicate when research is progressing

Today's seen a bunch of cool additions - not the least of which is a new track from @KestrelPi ! It's been fun and exciting to "see" Peter working and to witness the iterative growth of the stuff he's bringing to the game :)

Today's close enough to the 50th anniversary of humans stomping around on our natural satellite for the first time, so I decided to paint an event featuring the moon in the background (based on concept art by Mim)

Added optional role-specific floor colouring to help make it easier to identify which bees are related to what cells/add extra clutter when zoomed out. When adding things like this, it always takes iteration to find a balance between subtle and useful

@Cheeseness @KestrelPi I can't beelieve I missed the pun!

Hi've got to hang my head in shame now!

@Cheeseness Nice, I haven't tried making custom styled sliders in Godot yet, was it difficult?

@hyperlinkyourheart Nope! Just a couple of images and a StyleBoxLine for these ones (getting the line centred was a little tricky though - had to leave everything except content_margin_top at -1)

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