It's pretty rough, but I finally got around to adding save thumbnails/playtime metadata to . Looking forward to tweaking the layout a bunch when I have time

I also pulled in a snazzy new music track from @KestrelPi today ("vocals" are temporary for now), inspired by the "Ticket to ride" event (art is also temporary)

Finally got around to painting a background for Wax Assembler info screens and vignettes. As always, I'm documenting the nitty gritty of my changelogs over here:

Painted backgrounds for Honey and Jelly refineries last night. Only storage left to do (still plenty of other art waiting in line though) \o/

Added some bee silhouettes that fly around the main menu the other day.


Haven't done much that's visual/exciting to share over the past week, but here's a recap of development over the first half of September \o/

Popped some new music from @KestrelPi
into builds last night. We also put in a second tier of background music that's got a sort of improvisational feel and slots in nicely with the environmental ambience. Really happy with how it's all coming together :)

Spent this evening looking at some optimisation strategies. I've read that Godot groups/orders objects by material to reduce draw calls. Couldn't work that out, so I merged all meshes sharing materials into one in Blender, and that's helped a bunch

Working on exposing some hive efficiency stuff to help players identify problems/find room for optimisation.

Added context menus for bees that expose some more details on what individual bees have been up to and gives an option for the camera to follow a bee around

A foraging screen has been on my todo list from the start, but what it should be and how it should work was always vague until a couple of days ago. Looking forward to polishing it up and sticking it in builds - it's the last major mechanic left \o/

Just kidding. Here's a real screenshot. Finally got Map Room upgrades in and functional today \o/

Just rolled out a big update to testers that includes a first pass on the last missing major gameplay mechanic and a cool new music track from @KestrelPi. Not out of the woods yet, but I feel like I can see the sunlight now :)

Tutorials now respond appropriately (and immediately complete) if you've already fulfilled their requirements.

I've also added a tutorial "activity" that gives a summary of what you're meant to be doing and shows the tutorial again if you click on it.

Been working on a screen that exposes some details on how production is going

Poking in some detail textures today (Blender viewport render, not in-game screenshot)

Pushed in upgraded nurseries, upgraded barracks, and a stack of bee upgrades over the past two days. Closing in on having all release construction/research options in place :D

At long last, it's possible to defend against Old Bitey. Had this planned back during the jam in May, but had to wait until I wrote the defence system/made some major changes to the event handling system. Now players get a bit of time to prepare, and the chance to prevent damage

Added an option for building multiple empty cells at once. Should make mid/late game hive expansion a bit less click intensive :)

Added upgraded production facilities, which can automatically store resources in adjacent storage cells instead of having bees store them

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