Hey friends! If you want to play my games on a Mac, I won't be supporting 10.5 (Catalina). I'll continue to support older versions of Mac OS, but Apple is hostile to my values/way of doing things and I'm done bending over backwards to support them when they're not supporting me.

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I'd hoped to properly announce this sooner, and have time to add maximum system requirements (there's a mind boggling thought) to stuff, but time's been hard to find, and again, it's hard to be motivated to put in extra effort for a company that's such a shitstain.

If I do find any spare time, I'd be more excited about using it to dust off one of my PPC Macs and see if I can get builds running on those.

Correction, that was meant to be 10.15 (Catalina), not 10.5 -_-

@jookia @Cheeseness They completely dropped support for 32 bits applications and I believe game devs are now required to launch their games on their store?

@trawzified @jookia You can ship stuff outside their store, but you need to jump through the hoops you'd need to jump through to get it on their store. For me, that's the last straw on a very big pile.

@Cheeseness Is it just the issue with them dropping 32-bit support? Or is it something more?

@Ertain I'm specifically not interested in the kind of closed platform they're pushing with notarization requirements, but bigger picture, there are so many things that they do that make me uncomfortable/make supporting their stuff awkward (from retiring 32 bit, to always being behind with OpenGL support, updates always messing up my dev env, the hardware churn they push, the way their terms of service end up prohibiting cross compiling from other platforms, etc. etc. etc.)

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