I recently released a little bee themed base builder/management sim called Hive Time 🐝

On the surface, it's about cute bees living in a zany world. At a slightly deeper level, it's about the delicate and deliberate effort needed to manage/maintain population diversity in a generational community.

If you check it out, I hope you find it interesting ❤️

I'm not entirely certain how reviews are surfaced on Itch, but I got this one a little while back I think about it a bunch.

It isn't easy to match reviews to support emails, but if this is the person I think it is, working with them to identify and resolve a problem was the single most pleasant support experience I've ever had.

They read the FAQ before contacting me, were willing to try stuff to narrow things down, and took the time to test a fix after I'd given a functional workaround.

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The problem turned out to be an upstream bug with unexpected input being given by a Switch "joycon."

It's since been fixed upstream , but since I don't have access one of these devices I was unable to reproduce/confirm a fix without the player's assistance)

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@Cheeseness oh this looks really neat! Will have to give it a look when we have more spoons for that kind of stuff.

@Cheeseness The description time is incorrect, it's just that the webmaster always does everything wrong 😋
We dedicated it the same time as any non-big name.

@Roboron I don't speak much Spanish, but I eventually worked out that it was more than 8 seconds. Thanks for the coverage ^_^

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