For the record, the game I was planning to submit is on Itch because (among other reasons) I want to allow people to buy and play my game without making an account or getting tied to a platform - this is not something that Steam offers.

Finally received a response this morning. It was more or less what I expected. I was given permission to share this abridged version, which implies that Steam involvement is tied to giving value to showcase participants.

Store-specific preference/exclusivity in a general event like this still feels like a bad fit to me regardless, but I've said my part and won't be following up (I'd rather spend my time making things). Best of luck to anybody who wants to take it further.

@Cheeseness I suspect that the words were poorly chosen. I think the ability to buy it in any form should suffice

@lordmortis I don't see anything that indicates that the intention might be less than the words themselves say, but if it is an oversight, than that oversight in and of itself represents something fundamentally problematic.

We'll see what their response is if/when they reply.

@lordmortis In the meantime, it's much more explicit on the actual application form

@Cheeseness thank you for your service and fighting the good fight.

@Cheeseness yyyyyyyeah that's definitely an oof. Especially in the wake of the Bundle for Racial Justice it'd be nice for itch to get acknowledged by PAX Aus / PAX Online

@ChateauErin Yeah, it feels fundamentally reductive in a way that I think harms the culture that previously surrounded this thing (there are plenty of problematic aspects of PA/PAX, but the whole most-interesting-games-on-any-platform-selected-by-industry-peers thing stood out as something worthwhile IMO)

@Cheeseness Thank you for doing this. I hope they get back with a positive response.

@sinvega Yeah. I suspect it's more of a strategy to reduce the number of applications, which is a really, really, really ham fisted approach (especially when there's being money forked over that presumably is to cover assessment overheads).

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