Finally getting back onto working on Darkgroove again. Spent most of today building on work that Nemoder's been doing on the beat def editor, adding context menus, shortcuts, toolbars, nudging, snapping, customisable guides, etc.

Made some icons today before realising that I needed them to be < 20x20 (at which point it's better to just paint pixels). Might find some use for them later ^_^

Editor's looking/feeling a little better now. Can do multi select for drag and drop moving/keyboarding nudging (and future copy/paste actions)

Been adding "effects" to Darkgroove's editor. Currently, only turns/hills/dips in the road, but eventually we'll have other things like wind, rain, lightning, snow, etc. Each effect has a duration and intensity for extra tuning.


It's hard to get a good screenshot that shows them all off at once, but I spent today adding some more placeholder doodads (rocks, tree stumps, mushrooms, moths, fireflies, shrubs, etc.) to make the environment feel a bit more diverse

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Spent today implementing a system for automatically generating UI widgets for game settings and loading/storing/updating values as necessary. Will make it look nice later, but for now it's nice to have a simple workflow for adding new stuff

Allowing X position (represented in the editor as the Y axis because consistency is boring) to be manually set in the editor moving forward. Breaking the tie between enemy position and what-they're-vulnerable-to allows for more interesting patterns - especially for multi-hit enemies.

Been pushing in some experimental settings to explore the different possibility space surrounding the game's core concept. All of them are super rough, but it helps give some extra perspective when it comes to deciding what the game's identity should be and what is/isn't fun.

For anybody still following, recent life changes made it difficult to justify giving further attention to this project, and I had to shelve it. Announcing Darkgroove was my birthday present to myself, and it sucks to lose that, but it's the least of the things I've lost this year.

I don't know where the path ahead will lead, but if I find myself with the resources/energy to spend on Darkgroove, I'd be glad to swing (ha) back to it.

In the meantime, here's a cool custom track that @lclhstr made with the in-game editor (Vocals by

@Lambdanaut Thanks! I'm not happy with them yet (probably won't stick with a low poly look for the final game), but they were fun to make ^_^

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