v1.1-54 is now live, with a bunch of typo fixes, and fixes for a few edge cases relating to Queens' vertical position, production pause states, and the exit dots setting. Enjoy!

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@Cheeseness do you feature translation or accept contributions to such? Me and @codefuzius wondered after finding out about #HiveTime last week.

@bekopharm @codefuzius At this stage no.The game just wasn't designed for it (the legacy of it beginning life as a game jam game and being made in a hurry). There are still a lot of hard coded strings in the game that I haven't externalised, and some generated pluralisation that's language-specific.

If the game makes enough money, I'd like to invest the time and effort in localising it, but that's not looking like it'll happen any time soon.

@bekopharm @codefuzius
Based on my experience with other projects, it'd be a tricky game to localise due to its heavy reliance on puns, pop culture references.

If things turn around and localisation looks doable, I'd love to be able to work with people who're also part of the player community. Feel free to shoot an email to contact [at] and I'll make note.

@Cheeseness good luck with that 👍 I'm afraid we can't recommend it locally this way because the targeted audience simply can't speak or read Beenglish yet 😅


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