I feel some of my own experiences echoed here. Damon has good perception. "Tastemaker" isn't a word I've come across before, but it reflects and sums up something that I find deeply unhealthy about how contemporary culture prioritises discourse over individual taste/experience, particularly for games

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@Cheeseness The publication was thoughtful and it provoked thoughts of my own. Who is the audience of the movie? Which critics does that audience care about? Is it even possible to preserve unique culture if we can understand and appreciate all of them? Because if you reach that point, then it’s all one culture, no?

@greypilgrim I don't think so. In my mind there's a vast difference between embracing cultural homogeneity and normalising being exposed enough to diverse cultures to enable appreciation at least some of their nuance.

@Cheeseness I just wrote an extended reaction to be published elsewhere, but: ask yourselves why American critics insist on the most bland, vanilla, familiar kind of storytelling in all media, and nothing else.

@notimetoplay Gotta get that lowest common denominator mass appeal \o/

@notimetoplay Ha ha, to me, it's a condemning sign of cultural bankruptcy

@Cheeseness Let's hope it's just that and not the relentless imposition of stifling conformity.

@notimetoplay I guess it goes both ways so far as where the root cause lies for any given situation, but they seem so intrinsically intertwined in my mind.

@Cheeseness Talk about different cultural perspectives! It makes so much sense in retrospect. Like the way rabidly anti-intellectual Communist bureaucrats were obsessive enforcers of homogeneity.

@oreolek I feel like I haven't read anything contemporary in... ever

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