Over the past couple of days, I've done a bunch of not-very-visual work. Wrote a Blender script to export meshs and metadata files for skeleton chunks, added keyboard controls for digging, mouse controls for assembling, a settings menu, saving/loading, etc.

I also added a chance to find "misc fossils" while digging, and a mechanic for sorting them from skeleton bones while assembling. When it came time to model a trilobite, I remembered that I didn't need to go to the internet for a reference

Today, I reworked how sorting/stashing works in build mode (there are now buckets to land in rather than just pushing pieces off the side), and I modelled a very-off-proportion-but-still-very-lovely dienonychus \o/

Added the option to select where you're going, what you're digging up, and how hard it's going to be (can also select which skeleton you're building now, and I got a second skeleton into the game (something I needed in order to do that stuff).

I've been working on Bonesweeper for about a week, and I've nearly learned all I can from this prototyping phase. I haven't decided what its future looks like, but I've really making it so far. Today I added a background for the main menu, and a lovely stegosaurus to dig up/assemble

I did foley recordings today, then added sound effects and some cute generated music. That's not very visual, so here's a look at some other work from today - particle effects for digging/smashing bones, one of two new level sizes, and one of three new density/difficulty choices

Here's that in action with a small easy level (last screenshot was a medium easy level)

I forgot to get a photo while recording yesterday, so here's a re-creation of everything that went into Bonesweeper's sound and music (sorry, the original carrot is very eaten)

I added a first pass on descriptive audio for dig gameplay today. Not sure how well it's going to work, and whether me saying numbers/letters is going to feel better than a TTS system, but I guess I'll find out!

Ended up going with a TTS system (specifically Nolan Darilek's github.com/lightsoutgames/godo), and now have the main menu, settings menu, and dig gameplay all rigged up. Still need to work out how to present the assembly gameplay, but it's coming together!

Yesterday, I implemented TTS for the skeleton assembly gameplay - it's possible (and kinda fun) to play without looking. Today, I added a pteranodon, and added some more visual emphasis to numbers adjacent to the currently selected tile in dig mode.

I also added a little animation that makes flags feel a bit more tactile an makes them visible when playing with no camera tilt

Added a "showcase" mode where assembled skeletons can be viewed/reviewed along with some info.

Also added a gameplay setting that allows the current bone's "shadow" to be highlighted if it can be placed, and implemented Binder (my custom control save/load/config thingy). Running out of stuff to do on this prototype \o/

I've written a post reflecting on three weeks of prototyping Bonesweeper, and what it's meant for me at a personal level patreon.com/posts/48313302

Found some old photos of me hanging out with some dinosaurs (pretty sure it's a pair of deinonychus on the left, and a stegosaurus on the right)

Not particularly pretty, but a short list of controls can be shown from the ready and pause screens now (makes controls actually discoverable for TTS players). Binder now also handles gamepad bindings and the game is (so far as I can tell) fully playable with a gamepad \o/

Scribbled out a logo for the prototype, added a special showcase mode for misc fossils. I also made a tileable background from a gameplay screenshot for its Itch page

Here's the misc fossil showcase in action (doesn't show any interesting text yet, but it's fun to cycle through close-ups of things that are small when presented in the other gameplay phases)

If you are appreciating this joke, I appreciate you

Added some little images to support each gameplay mode's instructions

Added some new mouse controls (mouse overlay not included - that's an app called key-mon). Still not as nice as keyboard controls, but it's better than the old GUI buttons (which are still there as an option for anybody who wants them)

Made a little intro video/trailery thing today. Should be ready for a public release of the prototype tomorrow \o/


I released a new game today! Bonesweeper is a prototype of a small puzzle game inspired by Minesweeper. Excavate some fossils, build some skeletons! cheeseness.itch.io/bonesweeper

To celebrate the prototype's release, I decided to model another dinosaur

I also published that trailer/intro video I made last night that explains the game and how to play youtube.com/watch?v=aiW4770dkO

A super big thank-you to everybody who played or tested a pre-relese build. These people are listed in the in-game credits. Witness their names.

Some rough concept art and mock ups exploring aspects that would be in a full game based on this, but didn't make it into the prototype

@mooncube Ha ha, I was so distracted, I replied to this twice >_<

@Cheeseness did a little shout out some minutes ago, hope your game gets some attention.
Thx for porting to linux 🤗

@meldrian Thanks! No porting involved - it was entirely made on Linux :)

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