Reworked the flapping animation (with some suggestions from and added a particle effect to make things feel more readable/less floaty

Adding a "new game" menu to allow players to choose starting difficulty (life count, maybe some other things) and to make testing level generation behaviour for higher levels a bit quicker.

Was briefly toying with the idea of having startup logos be flown across the screen on a soft body banner, which was fun to experiment with, but probably won't stay in the game

Need to make it look a little nicer, but there's now an intro when entering a new zone

Doesn't translate to a screenshot, but I added a mechanic where tapping flap a few times when out of stamina will refill stamina at the cost of an extra life. It smooths out tricky movements that might cost more than 100% stamina, and makes the "end game" less of a hard wall

Finally got around to replacing the default Godot GUI stamina bar

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