So it looks like I'm making something for the jam with Albuffalo1! After a bit of brainstorming, we've decided to make something about delivering packages via hot air balloon to floating villages

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Got a first pass on movement down. It costs a tiny bit of fuel to gain altitude, air streams will push you along strongly, and you can spend a high amount of fuel for a little lateral nudge to slow down or crawl to the next air stream

With the remaining three hours I had left in the day, I implemented location markers, and package pickup and drop off with little progress bars. Looking forward to doing some more UI work and getting some art in today!

Don't feel like I have time to fuss with optimising GIF sizes, so here's a link to it on Twitter where I can upload bigger files (sorry -_- )

Got some sweet music from @lclhstr We're looking at breaking this up into layers and doing something interesting with adding/removing parts dynamically. Exciting! :D

The jam's been extended by another 12 hours, but I've uploaded builds based on what I had at the deadline (minus fixing a font issue and updating credits). Going to take a break to work on a cover image, but you can have a play if you want \o/

Spent some of today working on a post-jam update, which adds nice menu transitions, puts indicators for collected packages on the HUD, and improves controls/balancing a little

Here's a postmortem on the work @lclhstr , , and myself did on Cloud Courier for the jam, discussing our processes and reflecting on the project's outcomes

And if you're hungry for more after that (who could blame you), here's another 4,700 words recounting my work with absolutely no screenshots, photos, drawings, or gifs to break things up

I spent some time on stream today working on improving Cloud Courier's level generation to more reliably create networks of air streams that are interesting to navigate.

@Cheeseness Yes!! It's my favorite idea from my abandoned projects folder! Love the concept of delivering packages via hot air balloon to floating villages!

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