Learnings from PAX day zero 

1. If you're exhibiting on laptops, remember that external keyboards take up a USB port

I somehow overlooked this and had to send someone on an emergency trip to buy USB hubs half way through setup because both machines were one port too short.

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Learnings from PAX day zero 

2. If you're exhibiting on laptops that are under the table, have something for them to sit on so that they're not sitting on the carpet

For some reason I assumed stuff would be off the ground (not a good assumption). Bought stackable storage tubs to stick under the table, which also got my laptops high enough to reach peripherals without USB extension cables (which I'd only bought 4 of instead of 6) \o/

Learnings from PAX day zero 

3. Adjust the brightness/contrast/LSD emulation settings on your monitors ahead of time

Ended up wasting nearly half an hour messing around with this and found myself wishing I'd bought monitors that had some "turn off all the junk" button/preset.

Learnings from PAX day zero 

4. If you're using wired keyboards, mice, gamepads and headphones, plan something to handle the seething mass of cables

If your game's about snakes, that's thematically appropriate. Ended up wrapping spare cable ties around cables to make them into bundles. I also bundled them up similarly underneath the table with differently coloured ties to help tell which set was which.

Note to self, make a game about snakes.

Learnings from PAX day zero 

5. Set up early so that you don't need to share attention from organisers/electricians/testing & tagging people

Got in at 9 and everything was super quiet. When we were leaving around 1-ish, it was starting to fill up. If we hadn't planned to get there early-ish, emergency runs out to pick stuff up would've pushed things out further and dealing with stuff like a having not power at my booth was a bit easier when there weren't a bunch of other people around.

Learnings from PAX day zero 

6. If you're using headphones, have a plan for where to put them to make them inviting/accessible

Don't have a solution for this yet. Thinking of maybe putting bull clips on the edge of the table and hanging headphones from them? With a game like Winter's Wake, I don't want anybody playing without audio, so this is a bigger deal than it'd initially seem. I need them in the way enough to make sure they're used, but not in the way enough to prevent anybody from playing.

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