mast exclusive check out this enamel pin i won't be able to make for a hot minute (cause i'm broke hyuk hyuk)

It's been a bit but gettin back on that train with my manticore, Qivec!

It was created as a messenger of the gods to mortals and it has the utmost love and respect for its creators. It loves snacking on people even though it doesn't need to eat but, well, y'know.
It loves to torment people with riddles even though it's Not Very Good at them.
It's also very self conscious about its tiny wings

I saw the tag goin around today and I wanna participate!!

I have a bunch of OCs but for now I'll start with my dnd character Rosalia the rogue Tiefling! She's a hyper lil gremlin and technically a reskinning of another OC of mine. I lov her

Fun fact! Her eyes are the reddish color but she uses the Thamaturgy cantrip to make her eyes look all small and beady so she doesn't look super intimidating


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