It's a Saturday Morning #CoatiMonday! projectionedge@birdsite generously drew this fine nostalgia piece during one of his streams ( ) and, accurately, picked out one of those 70s Hanna-Barbera cartoons I couldn't get enough of.

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You and me both little Paper-Towel-Dispenser-In-The-Bathroom-Of-A-Greek-American-Diner-In-Downtown-Everett. You and me both.

#drawings today, playing with the blending stamp. A sinister vampire resurrects some allies, and three furry pinups (NSFW) In case you needed a video with the energy of A-Ha and Talking Heads and Tom Petty, but Japanese.

Whohoo! After six years and 85,100 miles, Tug the Chevy Cruze is now completely paid off.

So there were, like, two Minerva Mink shorts on the original Animaniacs, plus the credits and maybe some background appearances. Estimate it at 22 minutes of Minerva footage, 60 seconds a minute, let's say 12 frames a second, which is probably high considering she didn't appear in every second of her cartoons. But that works out to about 15,840 drawings of Minerva Mink done for the actual show.

When do you suppose furry fandom drew its 15,841st Minerva Mink picture?

you will have to forgive me for posting this commission I finished everywhere as I am very proud of it

HOPE from the Elemental series.

Quick artist rendition of good aligned dragon as a quest-giver in D&D.

Familiar: neopronouns

New hotness: cryptopronouns

what does BIPOC mean
(white ppl don’t vote just boost thanks)

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