@Tutanota quietly make the calendar 🗓 app amazing! I think I can fully switch now!

@Chiefzero Thanks for your feedback, we're glad you like the update! 😀

@Tutanota @Chiefzero

Do you know if contact syncing between email and android is working now? Asking because with a free account it doesn't look like it's seeing my contacts when I compose a new email.

I have premium and indeed contacts I create in my Android contact app do not appear in Tutanota contacts. Contact management needs quite a bit of improvement.
@Tutanota @Chiefzero

@lakeview @_mark @Tutanota contacts don't sync yet I guess. I'd like to move away from the android contacts app for an encrypted one. Haven't found a good option yet.

@Chiefzero @lakeview @_mark We plan to add better contact integration for Android, stay tuned. ;)

@charlag @Chiefzero @lakeview @Tutanota thanks, that's useful information.

I understand encrypted contacts on the device will be hard. I should have clarified my position better, I'm happy for them to be left unencrypted which I know doesn't suit everyone.

Having said that, it shouldn't be what keeps you from going full in, premium and as primary mail. It's still way ahead of other services.
@charlag @Chiefzero @Tutanota

@Chiefzero @Tutanota I think the calendar feature is great but it lacks the possibility to invite people and also get invitations via email into the calendar. And the the ability to share... Still was super fast to get the basic calendar out!

@haagen @Chiefzero Thanks for your feedback, we're building all of this in the coming weeks, stay tuned!

@Chiefzero @Tutanota and why is this more amazing than other calender apps? 🙂

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