Also I’m deeply unhappy & social media is making it worse b/c I’m hella insecure

I keep forgetting about mastodon but every time I see or hear the word ‘toot’ or ‘boost’ irl I come crawling back

[pic of infrastructure budget guy from SimCity]

You CAN’T advance a complex story arc with a single line of exposition! You will regret this!

Ppl tell me to just ‘be yourself’ & yet I lose followers when I heed their advice. What’s up with that???

Good news everyone. There are multiple ppl of color in the latest papa johns commercial. They did it. They fucking did it. They defeated racism.

I wish we could go back to the good old days when evil villains schemed tirelessly from their dimly lit, oak-paneled studies that invariably also had huge oak desks w/ an ornamental human skill just chilling there

*in billy Madison voice*

Of course I have panic attacks, everybody my age has panic attacks, having panic attacks is the coolest!

My hero is the most recent famous person to die. I can’t believe they died. They were so famous & now they’re dead. What a hero, RIP.

Still waiting for the Scooby Doo spin-off where the gang go deep undercover to bust the Haunted Cocaine Cartel

The smurfs are trash. They are all two dimensional & possess only one personality trait. However I do sympathize w/ the nerd smurf & am sexually attracted to smurfette

Still waiting for a Scooby doo spin off where the gang solves brutal murder investigations

It’s rly unbelievable how threadbare mental health support services are here (& in general probably) there is no outpatient treatment for my particular issue w/in 4 hours driving distance & the only other form of clinical support is 2 1/2 hours away lol

This site reminds me a lot of twitter, another website I’ve been to

I always knew Burt Reynolds would outlive John McCain. Good for him

They need to add a cell phone as a power-up item in Mario Kart & when you shoot it at an opponent it forces them to text while driving & then they die

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