The sea air makes me sleepy. Awesome day out with my darling at a castle ruin on the coast. And a delicious cream tea too.

Oh oh oh! How did I not know about Plannerfest 2019 that happened it July?! I'm so happy such an event exists. Shame I missed this year.

imagine if everyone spoke like in bethesda games. someone walks up to you and you go: by the lord jesus christ! you're the hockey champion!! this is such an honor!!!

I'm reducing my time on social media. Especially in the evening and at bedtime. I'm here to tell ya that, although I'm still tired, I am a less tense-through-every-cell-of-my-body tired.

I KNOW these designs belong to other artists. Please help me find them!!!


If any of these designs look familiar, please contact the artist you think they might belong to!!


My therapist said she was proud of me today. I cried.

Omg I’ve bought stickers from them before I’m so angry


this IG account literally stole my art (the sticker sheet on the left) and are selling them as stickers???? they recolored my milk carton from white and blue to pink and tHEY'RE SELLING MY LOGO????? WOW


Is it a problem to refer to my partner and my new kidney as "My Girls"?? Work colleague thought it was weird!

I did a yoga class today. So great to be back after a break.


Another Endeavour episode this evening. I'm up to s4 ep4. People who provide spoilers will be cursed to rip the lining of every coat and jacket they ever have.

Client hours done for today, now to have a late lunch and write up my notes. I love my job!

I love Object Relations Theory!

Me: It's morning so I wake up

Any baby: It's morning because I wake up

remember, "hate" is a strong word, so use it often to strengthen your vocabulary.

Last night we were talking about donations on the fediverse. This morning I just thought of a use case: if someone writes me a particularly nasty message, I should be able to "reply" with a donation to someone they don't like.

> Learn to cw, you suck, kys...
Reply: user has donated 1$ to gab


You will never know the positive impact you have on someone's life, a stranger or a friend. And you do have a positive impact.

boost this toot if you are unemployed or underemployed due to invisible disabilities
if you desire, comment with some of the ways you cope with stigma, guilt, or just making ends meet

Shout out to my bed for always being there for me through good times and bad.

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