In the report Wilw sent to me, he says he scoured a person's profile for 20 minutes because the user said "go awf," and reported the guy saying cheeky things about Democratic candidates and for replying to a joke to giant Princess Zelda pee fetish porn.

Not in response to him. Just... posts. Just funny posts.

The dude is a nightmare.

ugh ok i'm switching to bofa. christ i hate this. stop making me learn things

@Pyretta @CM_noelle @Eweish1 @CM_chrismartin @Yukari @CM_jusdepatate @Gargron

I tweeted at him for *literally years*, and talked to mutual friends about it, and did everything I could to bring it to his attention that he was actively harming trans people by continuing to promote Harper's *personal* list. And there were dozens of other people in his mentions doing the same thing.

He ignored all of it, all of *us*, rather than back down in any way.

For *years*.

There are some leftist cis white men that are just never going to listen to others, and we can’t just let them do whatever shit thing they want.

i love when you go to fave a reply but you fave your own post instead like some sort of demon

i'm hungry and the only thing i crave is 


For those of you who insist on using the phrase “opposite gender”, please note that the opposite of a woman is not a man, but rather an anti-woman.

If gender and anti-gender come into contact, they annihilate in an explosive release of energy.

:trebuchet: Eugen gave me this trebuchet and i'm gonna use it to launch Wil Wheaton right the fuck back to Twitter where he belongs.

oh wait so Wesley's promoting an instance run by someone who regularly deadnames Chelsea Manning?

cool, cool, yeah really seems like a good faith operator who's here for the right reasons

thinking of moving to ireland because everyone is probably just as shitty there but at least they're shitty in a nicer accent

@LuigiEsq @nydel @eweish1 @wilw We leave twitter because people like Wil Wheaton ruined it only for him to come here and start the process of ruining Mastodon. Amazing. How soon before we have some twitter stuff added to the repo at Wil's request?


Can we get Boots Riley to come over here for the sole purpose of punishing Wil Wheaton

They found this little fella at one of my husband’s job sites, so he’s coming to live with us

found something more annoying than re-following mufos who switch instances: re-blocking assholes who switch instances

good to know Wesley Crusher is every bit as much a snivelling crybaby manager calling dickhead on Masto as he is on Twitter

I have to move a bunch of furniture during the hottest part of the day by myself and honestly I hope it kills me to teach everyone on earth a lesson.

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