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About Me 

Straight, cis, white dude.
1 Corgi, 3 Cats are our children
Scaffold designer
Love comics, movies, video games
Football Manager, Warframe, Rogue-Likes
Lego builder
Soccer fan

friends, I am migrating over to and would love if you continued following me over there.

friends, I am migrating over to and would love if you continued following me over there.

When we remove the capitalists from power and life, I vote that the Zyppah spokesman is the first to go

Throwback Thursday to my favorite picture of Digby and I. This was his first time in our yard after bringing him home last year

all of you willing to share lewds, newds and any other form of revealing photo are braver than the troops.

CW: game of thrones 

maester of the citadel? more like taster of my cita-balls. thank you for reading

hot hysterical realism take 

Infinite Jest sucks because its impossible to keep track of anything, Pynchon is the better writer by far

The Incredible Hulk (2008) 

A friend and I are re-watching MCU films in order and I saw this for the first time last night. Having seen most everything after it, it makes me wonder if Ross has been brought back in CW and IW with the idea of eventually bringing in Red Hulk. Add to the fact that The Thinker clearly survives the Abomination attack, lends credence to Red Hulk's potential in IW4 or maybe a second Hulk film?

It's insane that I want a Salford City kit with one of my newgen players from Football Manager on the back, right? Just letting you know that Duck Tales is STILL in my head.

I know he's well past his prime and it was time, but Clint Dempsey retiring is breaking my heart right now

yes I cannabis. 

Told my best friend / weed guy to hang onto my next George until I see him on Sunday, instead of when we hang today, because I'm an insatiable weedbeast and I don't want to go through what I already have any quicker to get to the freshie bag.

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