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yes I cannabis. 

Told my best friend / weed guy to hang onto my next George until I see him on Sunday, instead of when we hang today, because I'm an insatiable weedbeast and I don't want to go through what I already have any quicker to get to the freshie bag.

Imagine being Wil Wheaton and thinking you're significant.

boost for eldritch blep 


I am a cis white male. It takes effort and vigilance to not take advantage. That’s how ingrained the benefits are in society. I fail sometimes, but I try and get better, I used to be worse. I recognize in Wil a need to snap out of it, as I keep trying to do, realize that no matter his intentions he is benefiting from a system that lets him become a de facto moderator on a platform and be open to understand why people are furious at him and hurt by his actions. He makes no effort, so fuck him.

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@icecolddavis if you're back on twitter, I set up an acct just to follow soccer news, haha

Apparently it's a good thing I immediately blocked Whil Wheaton when he showed up here


Suicide is Painless has been on repeat in my head for DAYS.

Football Manager - Salford City 

Our first two major signings for the season.

We've also added a GK, two other DCs and a right winger.

My favorite piece of news today is everyone losing their shit on the WH flag being raised to full staff.

full staff. heh heh heh.

Football Manager - Salford City 

17/18 - Vanarama North - 1st
18/19 - Vanarama Conference - 1st
19/20 - League Two - 2nd
20/21 - League One -2nd
21/22 - Championship - 1st
22/23 - Premier League - ???


Good morning fellow tooters, I hope you are using the time spent working for your capitalist overlords to toot and generally waste as much time as humanly possible.

The Assassination Of Guy Fieri By The Coward Alton Brown

Football Manager - Salford City 

And we've won promotion to the Premier League when predicted to finish 24th in the Championship.

With four matches to spare, too.

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