I'd love to see a modern remake of the original Legend of Zelda for the Switch.

Based on the video, Link's Awakening looks like it's going to really be a close remake. They might need to pad out a little bit of story if they wanted to remake the original. Also, the broken English was a just a byproduct of its time, when the localization happened in Japan. The bizarre punctuation though, I can't explain.

This game is infinitely repayable for me.

Link's Awakening is still amazing and I'm really happy that they're doing a remake for the Switch. I've been contemplating buying one, and this might be the thing that convinced me to finally do it.

The end of this game is legitimately kind of sad when everyone Link met just… disappears…

Don't get me wrong. Super Mario Bros. 3 is still a good game. It was amazing for its time, and introduced a lot of essential elements to the Mario canon. But I think its reputation is better than it deserves.

I played through all 90 levels and most are surprisingly short at easy. You can often just run and dodge enemies and make it through a level in no time. Despite the fact that you can use warp pipes to around the overworld maps and skip levels, the whole thing is fairly linear.

Super Mario Bros. 2 has a reputation of being the odd one out of the NES Mario games. I think it has a lot more personality and holds up better than Super Mario 3.

I've been playing lots of my favorite old NES and SNES games and taking screenshots along the way.

The world record for for beating Super Mario Bros is 4m 55s 796ms. My time is probably not quite so good, but I'm sure I can do it in under 10 minutes.

Somewhere out there in the ether, I have a web hosting account with a ballooning Movable Type database.

It’s 10:00 Wednesday night, and I’m racing to finish my early-week podcasts because Thursday morning…

Was John Hammond planning to personally deliver every tour at Jurassic Park?

If you have photos, or anything really, backed up on CDs or DVDs, it’s only a matter of time until it degrades beyond recovery. My wife put these on a CD in 2006 or so and put them in a fireproof safe. One of the CDs has major corruption and another one was cracked, despite being in a case.

CDs and DVDs are about the least reliable means of backup you can find. At a minimum, get important stuff onto cloud storage. Ideally, also get redundant hard drive backups.


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