@jankoekepan I'm not a fan of Nazis. They used to give people medals for killing them.

@jankoekepan Protecting Nazis makes someone a Nazi sympathizer. It's really a very simple thing.

@ChrisWarcraft god it's so WISHY-WASHY

even *if* you accept their premise that you're engaging in a harmful form of violent speech in defiance of their platform's rules/values, their reaction to that is a time-out that in no way prevents you from continuing to organize with friends and colleagues?? it accomplishes nothing except to keep you quiet just long enough for most people to forget you said a thing

@ChrisWarcraft "go ahead and dm your friends about this but don't do anything an advertiser could see for a while"

@KittyUnpretty Oh you can be sure it's the first thing I'm putting up when the suspension times out.

@ChrisWarcraft Ugh! Why is hating Nazis a bad thing? Canada's free speech gets it right by banning genocide and such. Why can't the US get it right?

@ChrisWarcraft Jack IS a fan of the Nazis, so it's really to be expected. Disgusting, yes, but to be expected.

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