Rereading Eisenhorn by Dan Abnett. So good, especially the completely obscure description words no one outside a thesaurus uses.

@ChrisWarcraft I loved those books...I think they're mainly to blame for how long I subscribed to White Dwarf & how many rulebooks I bought despite never actually playing Warhammer (had a bunch of the old Tyranids though).

@jamesnvc ooh, Tyranids were my army of choice too. Loved the idea behind them

@ChrisWarcraft Nice! I miss the old goofy Carnifex with the chest-face...

@jamesnvc heh, I never played with the old Nids. I got into the game around 4th edition Nids (I think) when they did the big rework and made them more sleek looking

@ChrisWarcraft Aah, I bought mine right before that (I would've been like..13-14, I guess) and only had the weird old metal ones. The original Hive Tyrant in particular was pretty bad & never really fit in with the rest of the units. My genestealers were still good though!

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