@jankoekepan Protecting Nazis makes someone a Nazi sympathizer. It's really a very simple thing.

@KittyUnpretty Oh you can be sure it's the first thing I'm putting up when the suspension times out.

@jankoekepan I'm not a fan of Nazis. They used to give people medals for killing them.

Just lost our soccer game 5-0. Two goals were my fault, but holy shit was that a firing line all game long. Upside, afterwards the center ref asked me if I wanted to play on his Saturday league team.

So if you liked FTL at all, and you dig turn based strategy, you should definitely check out Into the Breach. I just lost my entire morning to it.

Got back from the JoCo cruise and it was great. Time to return to real life.

@daybreaker ok, I'll have to get that set up before I go. I'll be ChrisWarcraft

It's so unfair that we're leaving on the JoCo cruise and I have to leave this entire platter for my children.

@daybreaker oh shit, what's up! No, I won't be there tonight, but the entirety of the cruise I will, and we should definitely play some games. Look for the tall guy :p

@Gargron Having an issue with Amaroq crashing out whenever I go to check notifications, unsure as to why.

At the younger child's softball game. Yakkety Saks should be blaring on repeat.

I feel like the One Punch Man workout is working because now I look at days where I only do 4 miles of running as 'easy' days. Apparently everything is relative.

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